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TR Fanfiction Writing Tutorials – coming soon!

Hello Internet!

It’s been a long time, but after a lot of life-stuff I’m back to blogging with a new series of creative writing tutorials.

There are plenty of excellent writing guides, blogs, and how-to guides available for writers these days. However, these tutorials will be primarily aimed at people who want to write fanfiction set in the Tomb Raider universe. They will cover the basics of what makes good storytelling – description, character creation, action-writing, and more. They do not aim to be a fully-blown creative writing course, but whether you’re a veteran raider with a trophy room full of artefacts, or a novice setting out on your first expedition, I hope they will inspire you and help avoid some of the spike-filled writing pitfalls that often spoil a good adventure.

The Tomb Raider franchise has grown enormously since my first series of writing tutorials – A Writer’s Guide to Raiding – was published over at Tomb Raider Forums in 2007. There are now several versions of Lara Croft and the tomb-raiding experience, and this diversity will no doubt affect your approach to writing fan-fiction. Even though Lara has appeared in many different incarnations over the last twenty years, her character is ultimately derived from many classical archetypes: The Amazon, the Temptress, the Scholar, and many others. Every person will have their own interpretation of this classic character. Through your writing, you have the unique opportunity to fully express your inner Lara Croft!

The Tomb Raider community has introduced me to some remarkable people, and I can’t thank them enough for their kindness and inspiration.

So, strap on your backpack and wise up on ancient cultures. Miss Croft doesn’t like to be kept waiting…

Introduction - own luck

Part 1: Planning Your Adventure – coming soon!


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